Sunday, September 12, 2010

On a whim

It's 1:54 am. Why are you making an unimportant blog post at almost 2 am, you may ask.
Good question.

Well, apparently I start losing muscle control at around 1:30 am. Involuntary twitches. I suppose people with Tourette's deal with a more major version of this all the time. Ah, and my friend crashed on a tree while twitching on his bike...Perhaps it's good that he isn't permitted to drive.
In any case, my handwriting is a mess (hopefully I can still read my notes later) and I'm twitching as I type this up.

"Why are you typing this up then? Go to sleep, dumbass."

Yeah, yeah. But you know, I feel like writing another paragraph or so. For the sake of ranting.

Lately I've been only posting lyrics or Vocaloid rankings. Obviously, this is because I have degraded into a lazy bum. As one would say in Japanese, 申し訳ありません (moushi wake arimasen), or "I have no excuse." And I really don't. I've been putting quite a few projects on hold recently too. The Skypology series was supposed to go on. I suppose I'll pick that up again whenever I feel like writing. The Durarara!! Abridged Series...well, that never really took off. Voice actors were scouted, but I have no idea what happened after that. Perhaps I got kicked off. And of course, most importantly, I've been neglecting the Young Lions Tournament that was supposed to 2 weeks from now. This wouldn't be a problem if I didn't just learn that the qualifiers never happened. Which means moving everything back. Which means more work.

Which means reducing the size of the tournament to make up for lost time. Maybe.

In a related but unrelated subject, I really hate college applications. Curse the American education system.

Okay, my right hand is getting ridiculous. I'll just end this with a-

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
秘書(hisho) - secretary. This is another one of my troubles. You do not want to end up as secretary for multiple clubs. Even more when the teachers push you into it. That is not a good sign. Run aw-

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