Sunday, August 1, 2010

When I get home, my wife is always playing dead.

"What the heck is this?" you may wonder. Well, from what I can gather, the story began with the Yahoo!知恵袋 (chiebukuro), literally "wisdom bag." Basically, it's the Japanese Yahoo answers, or whatever it's called. The original question is here. I'll briefly translate it.

When I get home, my wife is always playing dead.
What is going on?
When I opened the door, my wife was collapsed on the floor.
At first I was shocked, but she started to this everyday, so I just mainly ignored it and told her to wake up.
After I did that, blood started coming from her mouth.
After a week, the white T-shirt was completely stained with blood.

He goes on giving various examples (arrow through head, plastic bag over head, wearing an army uniform and gun and being killed in battle, etc).
The last line is probably the most hilarious though.

Lately she's been making dinner with the arrow or whatever through her head.

The comments to this question...well, you can probably imagine. In any case, ほぼ日P made a Miku song from this, and here we are.

Nice wife.

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