Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer!! about to end.

Aah. August. Summer is almost over.
This will be a reminiscent and/or grieving post, so bear with me. What brought this on? Well, I listened to this song...

Tricolor Air Line (Tropical Resort Mix). Upbeat. Summer-like, or 夏っぽい. Happy, right?
About 30 seconds in, I heaved a depressing sigh.

What happened to my summer? 俺の夏がどうしたんだ?
I guess this all started with the papaya song. But this summer did not feel like summer at all, besides the blistering heat, which is not a good thing.

What happened to the beach? Road trip with friends (hah, friends)? Beating heads watermelons with a stick? Eating at a-oh wait, that only happens in anime.

Hold on one sec while I go sigh a bit more.

Right. So, what have I done this summer? Well, I started Skype-ing with strangers long lost brothers and sisters from around the globe. But I regret nothing. I made some good friends, learned more about life than I did the past few years, and met a 4'7" Japanese girl who can fit inside a refrigerator. If that's not moe, I don't know what is.
Ahem. Anyway. I also started working out, so I can no longer wear girls clothes...

This is sounding a bit weird, isn't it? Ah, but wait. I am that weird. So no problems. any case. I'd like to say that I've been doing lots and lots of college research, written 20+ essays, applied for a sack full of scholarships and managed to obtain $50,000 in scholarship money, but I can't bring myself to lie, much less lie so blatantly. Well, I did apply for a couple of scholarships (and got rejected). Of course, those essays were lost when my computer got wiped. Stupid My Documents.
I did go to the UT Honors Colloquium though. It was quite nice, but the pillows are rocks. The food wasn't great either. But apart from that, not bad. It brought back a few CYC memories from years ago.
Then last week I went to California. Aah, that was probably the most summer-like part of my summer. Which is ironic, because it was 60 degrees there. In other words, absolute bliss. The fact that we went through the whole trip pretty much speaking only Cantonese was awesome too. The best part about California, besides the weather, would definitely be Kinokuniya.
Japantown. Huge mall. Kinokuniya - huge bookstore. 4 stories. One story filled with manga, anime, and light novels. So amazing. I bought myself my first volume of real manga (!!) which was Yotsuba. I should have bought more, though, since I finished it on the plane... For some reason, I couldn't find HanTsuki, so I opted for volumes 1 and 2 of DRRR!! light novels instead. Also got a Hetalia Italy "passport" which I stupidly gave away without taking pics.


This summer was quite an experience for me. I believe I have changed considerably. In a good way? Well, we'll see. Still, I'm quite disappointed in the lack of papayas, iced fruit drinks, and sunglasses. And a beach house. Definitely a beach house.

Quite a long post. I suppose I should end this with a RJWotD.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
後悔(koukai) - regret. Sigh.

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