Thursday, November 11, 2010

Winter Again~ ...

Okay, still not quite. But it has been supposedly getting cooler (finally). Though it's still quite ridiculous. 70-80 degrees in November. Really? Really?

In any case, I love winter. No, not just love. I RABU winter.

(Must spend less time on those kinds of chats...)

Why do I rabu love winter? Well, the main reason is because it's cold. I love the cold because I hate the heat. I hate the heat because the heat hates me. I'm physically weak and have low blood pressure or something, so sun+heat is a deadly combo for me that pretty much brings me down in an instant.

Or maybe some vampire blood got mixed into mine.

The cold is much more relaxing than the heat, anyway. Sweating does not feel good, but I guess shivering does. Plus, huddling together with random people like a bunch of penguins is fun. Just gotta watch out for chikan

Second reason why I like winter: winter wear. Boots. Coats. Scarves.
Gyaaah. Winter wear looks simply amazing. Summer garments have nothing on it, and swimsuits don't count (besides, every anime has a beach fanservice scene). Tossing this out randomly too, but also: skirts. Plus zettai ryouiki.

(Must spend less ti-ah, forget it. It's already too late.)

And despite the fact that I don't celebrate Christmas (gasp), the festive air is always nice. Winter foods and sweets are yummy as well as pretty too.

Well, here's to hoping I don't spend Christmas doing college applications.

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