Thursday, October 28, 2010


First and foremost, the solution to global problems: moe.

~ ~ ~

As I was taking out my contact lenses this morning, I was greeted with the usual occasional sudden extreme loss of vision. Interestingly enough, I looked a few years younger in the mirror with that loss of vision. The slight blemishes on my skin (okay, this is sounding kind of creepy...) weren't visible without 20/20 vision. I realized that it was a perfect time to turn this into a metaphor for a lovely proverb. One can see others' flaws much more easily than one's own. I also realized that the Autumn Nico Nico Daikaigi started about an hour ago and I was missing it. Quite a bit of sadness there. I hope there will be videos uploaded full of Sekihan goodness.

In other news, the visual novel project is underway. The plot: a high schooler discovers a Sims-like game that portrays the Earth. Through that game, he can control people's actions. In short, he becomes god. But who made this game? Confusion ensues when a team of espers appear to find out. And, of course, what about the other copies of the game...?

There will also be a little sister. There must be a little sister.

Hanbi, I expect some pro-pixiv-level art.

Random Japanese Word of the Day:
็žฌ้–“็งปๅ‹•(shunkan idou) - instantaneous movement, ie. teleportation. Very very useful word that you will probably use everyday.

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  1. 1. omggg sekihan!!!! you should post links up :3
    2. i wish i were a little sister...! :< lol.